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Jane Cooper


Artist and designer, Jane Cooper, graduated from Denison University with a BA in Theatre. Post working professionally on Broadway, she focused on design and fine art. Her pieces have been exhibited in Canada, England, Spain, Germany, France, Hong Kong and Ireland. Her art is in corporate and private collections, and has representation in numerous galleries. Jane maintains a painting/print studio in Katonah, New York and prints at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut.


“Painting is like theatre. In my life, the two are inexorably linked. They are worlds I move between. Process, character and light. Color, form and performance. For me, it’s blue. I cannot leave it aside. It is the color pervading all memory. The blue of delft, the murky indigo green of the creek by our house, the lakes of Michigan, sapphire seas around New Zealand, the blue of my daughters’ eyes. My mother’s eyes. Water and sky. Water which my thoughts and my body crave. Water which my imagination fears - losing sight of land. Nature in abstract- abstracted representation in which my imagery seeks to delineate form and alter focus creating an atmospheric sense of place and time.”

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