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Legion Paper presents, For the Love of Art: Behind the Scenes with Anthony Kirk. Artist, lecturer, exhibition curator and master intaglio printer, Anthony Kirk demonstrates the printing of etchings, aquatints and engravings on Somerset paper as well as the preparation of the printmaking paper for intaglio printing. On view in the print studio are examples of his past collaborations with Wolf Kahn, Robert Kipniss, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Kiki Smith, Frank Stella and Donald Sultan.

The technique of etching and printing a copper plate is unchanged since Rembrandt's time yet this ancient process continues to be a significant part of the education of an art student as well as being an important medium in the work of emerging artists and artists of international acclaim. 


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Richard Segalman: Magic, Muses & Monotypes by Susan Forrest Castle, published by The Artist Book Foundation. Introduction by Anthony Kirk.


Bellany by John McEwen, published by Mainstream Publishing Company, Edinburgh. Page 314: Anthony Kirk, one of America's foremost Master Printers says he owes his career to Bellany's dynamic example and advice: "Tony, God gives each of us twenty-four hours a day, and it is up to each of us to make the best use of that time." Kirk emphasizes "the influence John had on his students as an artist/teacher. My experience is just one."


New York Times, Connecticut weekend section. In a review of the exhibition Five Scottish Print Studios, Benjamin Genocchio wrote: Of all the small and alternative art spaces across Connecticut, one of my favorites is the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk. It is a modest little place, really a working print studio with some gallery rooms off to one side. But it is here that Anthony Kirk, the center's Artistic Director and Master Printer, assembles periodic exhibitions of such intelligence and quality that they rival the offerings at museums with far more substantial budgets and staff. 


This Is Not A Book. A suite of nine color etchings by Helen Frankenthaler, published by Tyler Graphics Ltd. Excerpted from the Notes, Helen Frankenthaler wrote: "Adding more plates, which were reworked many times, we finally created proofs that closely mirrored my hand colored work proof. Ken and etcher Anthony Kirk brought to bear their genius as artisans. The three of us worked together in a beautiful dialogue filled with feeling and invention. That is because both artisans, with such concentration and intuition had captured the very essence of what my head, heart and wrist are about."

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