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Mary Prince


Mary Prince is a landscape and still life artist whose paintings, prints, and collages have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including Artemis Gallery (Northeast Harbor, ME), Littlefield Gallery (Winter Harbor, ME), Zeuxis (New York, NY), Hoffstra University (Hempstead, NY), Wingspread Gallery (Northeast Harbor, ME), Virginia Miller Gallery (Coral Gables, FA), and Snyderman Gallery (Philadelphia, PA)). The artist’s prints have been included in the Annual IFPDA Print Fair and the New York Satellite Print Fair in New York City represented by Stewart & Stewart of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and the E/AB Fair in NYC represented by Anthony Kirk Editions.


The ephemeral in juxtaposition to permanence, that is, the transformational qualities of light, water and the atmosphere in conjunction with the effect that these forces have on one's perception of the physical world is the essence of my art. My prints and collages are variations of my paintings.  Each image endeavors to present the forces and the physical forms coalescing to distill the essence of the whole.

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