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Scott Bricher


Scott Bricher is a figurative artist. His lush works revel in the sensuality of observation and the exploration of subconscious themes with enigmatic narratives. As described by a recent curator: his “rich and bizarre” works emerge from his reverence for French 19th century realists, Venetian masters, Impressionist color and contemporary curiosity in CGI, music and pop culture.


Scott grew up in Columbus, Ohio painting, drawing and playing music. After graduating with honors from Parsons School of Design in 1984, he continued his painting studies at the Art Students League of New York. As a monitor of Nelson Shanks’ class at the League, Scott deepened his understanding of color. Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, he taught painting workshops with Shanks. Through group instruction and painting demonstrations, he continues to teach students of all ages. He is currently developing paintings and prints that are bold, cinematic and improvisational. His prints have been selected for exhibition at Silvermine Art Center by Richard Klein, the Exhibitions Director at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and The New Britain Museum of Art by Cristina Tafuri. Scott lives and works in South Kent, CT with his wife and schnauzers.

My hope in creating these works is to experience mystery and surprise. The images coalesce from dreams, memories, glimpses and chance. Figures, locations and motifs combine to suggest relationships and evolve into scenarios that evoke dreams, short stories or movies. The scenes take on their own life and I become an observer. I don't know where a narrative is headed and this discovery is what pulls me forward. I am reassured by the artworks that emerge and eventually realize understanding in these personal archetypes. The meanings are not definitive and I welcome others' interpretations as a way of understanding my journey. The immediacy and limitations of my monotype process assures that the prints feel fleeting and fresh.

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